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Be The Change

We understand you want sustainable fashion that looks beautiful and does not compromise on style or quality.

We at LaBante believe you deserve to wear slow fashion that looks great and makes you feel proud that your fashion reflects your personality. But the problem is that it can be frustrating when you don’t know how your purchases are impacting the environment.

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Be The Change

We at LaBante have been making sustainable fashion since 2011 and have served over 40,000 delighted customers with cruelty-free fashion.

In the process, we have saved over 10 million bottles from hitting landfills and have planted over 25,000 trees since December 2020. What’s more, we have pledged not to use PVC and employ a zero-waste packaging system.

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Be The Change

Here’s how you can be part of the change:
1. Click into the collections page and choose your products
2. Checkout and wait for your sustainable accessory to arrive
3. Wear it, review it and turn heads when you step out!

Don't worry we will plant the trees on your behalf - watch out for the tree plantation certificate with your order confirmation.

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Our customers & the press love LaBante — read what they have to say!

"It has always been a challenge to find ethical apparel and accessories that were well-made and stylish. LaBante London bags are both cute and well-crafted and I am so happy to know of a brand that proves you can be fashion forward without the exploitation of animals."

Lijun Li, actress

"I really appreciate a company that puts as much thought into their ethnics as they do into their design. Thank you for making elegant, vegan bags, LaBante!"

Alissa White Gluz, musician

"Thank you LaBante London for coming up with such epic vegan handbags"

Sheridyn Fisher, author of Plant Based Life

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