Sustainable and Ethical Vegan Fashion Brand

 LaBante London prides it’s self on being a sustainable and ethical brand,  Our aim is to create sustainable luxury, stylish cruelty free vegan leather bags and fashion handbags. 

We use circular approaches for items, instead of creating waste, we reuse it and push the boundaries of sustainable practices. All of our vegan leather designer handbags and purses are 100% recycled and we ship using recycled and recyclable packaging. On average we reclaim and reuse 7-25 plastic bottles (PET) in each of our handbags, to-date we have saved over 10 million bottles from reaching landfill.

We are a certified vegan brand, we only use fine vegan leathers like Lux Polyurethane, Microfibre and recycled vegetable oils, NO animal based dyes or glues are used in the manufacturing of our Bags. We believe that No animals need to be killed to enjoy luxurious fashion.

All of our products are Ethically produced in a Sweatshop Free environment

Labante London is a Sustainable and Ethical Brand