Christmas gifts for the wonderful women in your life

Christmas gifts for the wonderful women in your life

    By Ellie Peach

Choosing what to buy for a woman who deserves the world can be challenging, but we're here to help with some present ideas you just can’t go wrong with, worthy of the queens they are, for the upcoming holiday season! These ideas take the environment into consideration making them low impact presents in terms of sustainability!


   1. Jewellery

You can rarely go wrong with simple and elegant jewellery when buying a gift for someone. Choosing the shape and metal based on what the person you're buying for really loves is a really thoughtful gift and is far easier than planning a trip or hand making an item. Of course, all three or a mix and match of the three would be amazing but that would work out incredibly expensive. This is the perfect gift for the person who loves keepsakes but doesn't need anything that could end up as clutter! A dainty sentimental piece they can wear on their body is conscious of this, therefore, making it such a thoughtful present. 


From the new LaBante London jewellery line, I've handpicked the top three jewellery pieces I think would make the most perfect gift. All jewellery is 925 sterling silver, the gold jewellery is 18-carat gold plated and remember, 10 percent off all purchases go directly to charity. Find out more about the charities we support on our website!

  1. Pure Heart Necklace 

  2. Divine Star Necklace 

  3. Circle of life Necklace

    1. Homemade gifts 

    A homemade gift is often the best way to show someone you really care about them, I mean, going to the effort of making something that not only you think they would like style-wise but also something that is personal to the time you have had with them, such as a memory or inside joke. This is the perfect present for someone sentimental as it will almost always be a very emotional gift to receive. 

    A Photo Box:

    An exploding Photo Box is by far one of the most exciting and creative ways to gift someone something you have made full of your memories together! You can buy a blank box to make things easier or make this from scratch but, this takes a lot of precision to ensure that the box will fall in the waterfall way it is supposed to. In the box, you should affix pictures or writing to either side of the fold so that there are different things to look at throughout the whole box. Often people add little presents inside such as; sweets or jewellery as a little extra gift which makes it a very well rounded and cute present! To in-keep with the Christmas theme, add stickers or little pictures or include a Christmas card in the form of a fold-up message to fit inside!

    Spotify frames:

     These gifts became popular last year and have remained a great personalised gift for girlfriends or wives, for example. You start by choosing a song, this could be their favourite or a song you both love, and the album cover is printed onto clear glass with the song length and title. However, each part is customisable so, you can change the title or pick a time in the song to display. You could even change the cover to be a picture of the two of you; it’s entirely up to you, making it the cutest gift. Like all personalised gifts you buy, they can often work out a little bit pricey so, you could also make your own! If you purchase a picture frame, affixing a picture to the underside of the glass will give a similar effect. You can write on the glass in a fine liner or gel pen or print out the words and song length.

     3. A Handbag 

    Choosing the perfect bag doesn't always have to be the chore it can sometimes seem. If you break down your search into colours or styles you know someone always loves, then you will almost always make the right choice. It is the perfect gift as often people prefer to receive a bag than actually go and buy one themselves so choose the one you think they could either use for everyday use or evening wear. Once you have figured out generally what you want, it makes the process of finding one so much simpler and fun. LaBante London has a broad range of bags and wallets that can be worn for any event, some examples for daughters are the: "Bella Mustard across body bag’" or the "Raven green crossbody bag".

    Some examples for mothers include; "Daisy black crossbody bag. For your better half and the woman of your dreams, get her the Sophie forest Green Tote bag and matching Serene wallet and start off the new year with super high brownie points.  

    LaBante bags are also sustainably sourced, making them suitable for the vegan or ethically minded person. Due to their durability, there is a lot of life in them, reducing the need to purchase more bags in the future, which further reduces the environmental impact! 

    4. Getaway trip or experience day

    This is such a fun way to make a celebration last a little bit longer and can be such a thoughtful gift if you choose something you know they have been wanting to do or go to a place they have been wanting to go. This is the perfect gift for someone who values adventure. The memory of the day may mean more to them and therefore buying them a tangible gift might not excite them as much - or you can top off the adventure day with a LaBante London Kindness wallet well within reasonable pricing making it the best day ever! 

    If you're stuck, Red-letter days or Virgin experience days are a great place to look for exciting day adventures; they often have deals depending on the season and what you choose! From skydiving to a trip to a museum with afternoon tea, you are sure to find something they will love - I mean what mother wouldn't want to go out for a relaxing afternoon tea?

    1. Shoes

    Like handbags, shoes are another present most people prefer to receive rather than buy for themselves. LaBante’s new range of apple leather shoes are not only beautiful but vegan, making them an exciting and original present that you can be sure whoever you are buying for will love them. Apple leather is the perfect alternative to real leather and other faux leathers as it is sustainably sourced and contains regenerative materials over plastic options or animal products. Our shoes are made from apple skin leather from Tyrol, a region in Italy where there is a large juicing industry. This industry produces a lot of waste so by recovering this waste product (the skin that would otherwise be discarded), we can take it and transform it into a sustainable material. Combined with other recycled fabrics and Polyurethane, we can produce a lovely textured fabric that looks and feels like real leather. The laces of the shoe are made from recycled plastic bottles and the soles are recyclable rubber. What's more exciting is that with every purchase, ten trees are planted- making your purchase carbon negative! It's the perfect gift for your girlfriend, wife or your boyfriend too with limited sizes available in mens.

    Head over to our website to order your favourites now for Christmas! 


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