The Birth of LaBante London

The Birth of LaBante London

Labante London is a labour of love, born out of a combined love of fashion, animals and the wider planet. My early experiences definitely stuck with me and shaped the brand’s philosophy of Fashion With Respect.

In my early teens I spent many happy hours in my uncle’s fashion company, watching the creation of beautiful garments for big name brands like Calvin Klein; and therein started my love of fashion

When I was a little older and studying at university, another pivotal moment shaped my way of thinking. I used to pass a butchers shop where animals were kept alive and caged, before being killed in front of customers for their meat. It was a pretty transforming and life-changing event in my life and from that moment I became a vegetarian.

After I finished my university degree I landed up in the United States and somehow got into banking for my career, but there was always a niggling thought in my head that called me to combine my passion for vegetarianism and fashion. I believed there was a gap in the fashion industry to make high quality products that were not only beautiful and vied for, but were also cruelty free and sustainable, as well as being affordable.

Labante London started out really small in 2012, but grew and grew as we received so much positive feedback and love from vegans, vegetarians, animal lovers and fashionistas all over the world. As we continued to expand, we had the pleasure of meeting fashion buyers who understood that change was coming and that the future was accessible for ethical and luxurious accessories. Encouraged and inspired, our brand flourished and we have gone from strength to strength. We promise to develop more beautiful and sustainable designs that will always be made with love and we hope you will wear with pride.

#fashionwithrespect #kindnessisbeautiful

Love Vanita x

Founder & CEO