Vegan Tote Bags

Find the perfect sized tote bag, with a selection of Large Tote bags for work, and designer fashion bags featured in LaBante’s sustainable range of faux leather tote bags. Especially curated with delicate details that make the range a perfect ode to a statement vegan. A sustainable range of bags. All LaBante tote bags feature detachable shoulder straps, so they can be used as Shoulder bags too, making them the perfect fashion accessory to keep by your side.

When you buy a Tote bag from LaBante London you know that it is 100% Vegan and Cruelty free, there are NO Animal based glues or dyes used in our products. All of our Bags are made with recycled materials, the Interiors of our bags are made from reclaimed plastic bottles, whilst the outers are made with vegetable by-products and Polyurethane, unlike some manufacturers who use PVC*, this makes our bags fully biodegradable.

*PVC is non-biodegradable.