Ethical Production

At LaBante London, we believe that everybody making our products should be treated with dignity, respect, and be paid a fair wage. By building a sustainable supply chain, we not only provide jobs and foster people’s skills, but also directly benefit communities that are the most affected by exploitative production practices.

As a company built and operated by women—who make up 95% of our design, production, and administration teams—we are also committed to empowering women in disadvantaged communities by paying them fair wages, pushing for higher safety standards at our factories, and using our international platform to boost their voices. To date, we have worked with several anti-sweatshop activists such as Nasreen Sheikh to not only better our own practices but spread word of their human rights' campaigns.

We are committed to manufacturing in a sweatshop-free environment. We only work with factories with SEDEX Certification, which guarantees transparency in business practices and respectful treatment of workers. We primarily manufacture in India & Portugal, where factory worker salaries are 11% higher than the rest of the country. Additionally, our core team—including the founder and the design team—perform regular spot checks and social audits on all of our factories. We ensure our workers and their environments are safe, and we further check payroll and attendance sheets to make sure nobody is forced to work double shifts. 

We are proud of our commitment to better, safer, and more people-minded production practices, and we hope your can rest assured knowing your new purchase was made with love and respect.