14 UK Sustainable Fashion Blogs You Need in Your Life


14 UK Sustainable Fashion Blogs You Need in Your Life


Sustainable fashion blogs are everywhere, and once you start looking, more and more just seem to appear. Yet with so many to choose from, which ones are the best to follow?

LaBante London presents to you 15 ethical fashion influencers that we love. They are all from or based in the UK, so their top tips and recommendations are going to be a lot more relevant to you, as well as the issues that UK sustainable living faces.


1. Literally Nataly



Born in Tel Aviv, raised in Bangkok, Nataly moved to England over six years ago, where she now lives and blogs about ethical luxury at Literally Nataly. Yes, you read that right. Nataly has a background in the luxury business, and she doesn’t see why something luxurious can’t be ethical and sustainable as well. As she’s recently had her first child, she has also reviewed sustainable fashion and accessories for babies and new mothers. Her pictures are always fabulous, she really makes eco-fashion into something glamorous.


2. Ruth MacGilp



Scotland is home to some absolutely amazing sustainable fashion blogs and Ruth MacGilp is leading the way. She doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to the big issues surrounding ethical fashion, calling for more transparency about where our clothes are made, and the pay and working conditions of everyone involved in producing our garments. Ruth may have a smaller following than some, but her blog posts are truly inspired. She really cares about what we are doing to our environment, and what we can do to change it. A true eco-warrior.


3. Less Waste Laura



Another wonderful Scottish blogger, Less Waste Laura advocates living life with as little waste as possible. Her Less Waste Warriors post regularly to Instagram about the little changes they are achieving, and the sense of community that they have is really heart-warming. It’s important to Laura to know where her clothes are coming from, and she encourages ethical buying from workers who are paid a sustainable living wage. She’s also a committed vegan, and so everything that she recommends is cruelty-free.


4. The Fair Edit



The Fair Edit is run by Beatrice Turner, where she blogs about her attempts to make her family live the most sustainable life possible. She has great recommendations for brands and is always the first to know when some of the fast fashion favourites are bringing out a more ethical clothing line. She emphasises quality over quantity, writing about living a minimalist lifestyle, and paying careful attention to every product that you buy. Her daughter features in a lot of her Instagram posts, and it’s easy to see why. Just like her mother, she is gorgeous and Beatrice models all the items she writes about herself.


5. Style Eyes



Style Eyes is one of the most wholesome ethical fashion blogs out there. Based in Newquay, Ceri Heathcote blogs about plants, sustainable fashion, and living by the sea. She promotes a relaxed, contemplative way of living that is in tune with her surroundings. Working towards a life that is completely single use plastic free, she comments on her journey, the hurdles she faces, and how she’s overcoming them.


6. The Woodland Wife



The Woodland Wife seems to be living a life that only happens in dreams. The fact that it’s real, and she gives tips on how to achieve it, makes her blog more than just inspiration. ‘Inspired by wild nature and simplicity’ Jessica writes about everything from gardening tips, to slow fashion for her growth-spurt prone children. She encourages us to reconnect with nature. It seems perfectly natural that if we want to look after our earth, we should be more involved in how it works. 


7. The Sustainable Edit



Jen is the blogger of The Sustainable Edit, an award-winning sustainable fashion blog that has been on the go for quite a number of years. One look at her website leaves you feeling calm and refreshed. It’s easy to see why. Jen’s focuses are self-care and slow fashion, and she is a self-confessed hygge addict. She believes that taking care of our planet needs to take place alongside taking care of ourselves. If you follow Jen you’ll see lots of woollen and knit items, lots of tartan, and many, many cups of tea.


8. Signe Hansen



Singe Hansen is a fashion influencer who is originally from Denmark. She is now the owner of Useless Jewellery, where she only uses lasting and sustainable materials to make her timeless pieces. Her style is street chic and she is constantly encouraging her followers to think about what they are wearing and to buy some long-lasting pieces that they can wear for multiple occasions. Slow fashion means a lot to her and judging by her looks, she knows exactly what she’s doing.


9. Blue Ollis



Blue Ollis is a blog that combines yoga and meditation, with zero waste and slow fashion. She gives really clear advice on a whole range of matters, including how we should be helping our environment. Blue is also a vegan advocate, and all of her recipes are divine. She promotes caring for nature and caring for yourself in the best way possible.


10. Moral Fibres



Moral Fibres is the brainchild of Wendy Graham, a Scottish resident who wants our homes, and our wardrobes, to be as sustainable as possible. She is a massive advocate for zero waste and zero chemicals, particularly when it comes to cleaning our homes. She has some innovative ways to tackle grease without needing to fumigate your house after use. She says that we need to be buying less, not more, and really think about what we already have, and what it can be used for, before discarding it.


11. Honestly Mili



Honestly Mili is a fashion blogger for any budget. She understands that sustainable fashion doesn’t always have a reputation as being affordable and has made it her mission to change that point of view. Through her blog posts, you can see that sustainable fashion can be stylish, trendy and friendly on the wallet. She is great at finding amazing eBay and pre-loved clothes, showing that what another person wants to throw away, can be another’s staple items. She’s always on the look out for long lasting, slow fashion, as well as her take on what a ‘basic’ piece really means. 


12. Thimble End



Do you ever look at items in shops and think ‘I could totally make that’? Well Victoria of Thimble End is just the girl to show you how. She is the Queen Bee of sustainable sewing and ethical living. She blogs about not only making brand new clothes (she is making her own wedding dress!) but also how to give older clothes their spark back. With a great guide on buying ethical sewing supplies, she is showing the world that old clothes can be made new again with the right techniques. If you want to buy something, but know that it isn’t ethically sourced, why not make it instead!


13. Into the Eco



Lottie Woods is the blogger who created Into the Eco, a sustainable fashion and eco-friendly blog for those who love to travel. She is a big advocate of slow fashion and promotes 30 wears, the idea that, before buying a garment, you should ask yourself if you will wear it at least 30 times. Originally from the UK, she has now made a permanent move to the gorgeous Cambodia, where she is living the minimalist and zero waste dream. She shares all her adventures in her really insightful blog. If you’ve never really considered slow fashion before, you will after reading what Lottie has to say.


14. Uppish




Uppish is a London based blog that has high standards. They want clothes to be about style, not fashion, and for us to really think not only about the clothes that suit our bodies, but where we source them as well. Uppish has an amazing take on sustainable fashion and are real advocates for pre-loved clothing. They have a great guide to the thrift stores in London where you are most likely to find a designer brand. They want the clothes that are already out there to get the care and attention that they deserve, and for an item of clothing to last you as many wears as possible.


At LaBante London, 25 recycled plastic bottles go into every one of our vegan leather handbags. We focus on sustainability as well as a zero waste packaging system. When you carry a LaBante London handbag, you know that the people who made it are working for fair pay, and in good conditions. Check out our range of eco vegan bags today!


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December 21, 2021

As a sustainable fashion blogger myself (at www.lifesacatwalk.com) I love nothing more than finding like-minded people. great post! Gemma x

ladies summer tops
ladies summer tops

December 21, 2021

I am feeling much blessed to be here and reading your thought provoking blog. It has truly increased my knowledge. I will surely come again and again to overcome my thirst for knowledge.


September 02, 2020

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Thomas Michel
Thomas Michel

March 25, 2020

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